"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before the defeat."
- Sun Tzu


It is relatively easy to see a company that has no strategy. Employees do not understand overall goal of the company, thus do not understand what to improve. Management is engaged in solving all the problems at once, thus little what get properly done, because of new problems. Any improvement eventually becomes a slapstick. The company is being severely influenced by the turmoil of external factors.


In strategy development projects, we use classic and verified methods along with client’s industry specific tools. One of the main aspects of strategy development is the facilitation of the buy-in process by core employees of the company. We consider that efficient management of strategic projects should be an inherent part of the strategy implementation. Along with project management assistance, we consult our clients in forming a portfolio of strategic projects thus achieving synergy in improvement initiatives.

our key deliverables

Analysis of internal capacities
Analysis of external factors
Creation of long-term vision
Development of strategic plan
Setting up the Project management standard

Develop a long-term strategy with us

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