"In business, words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises, but only performance is reality."
- Harold Geneen


There is a period in the life of every company when management has this feeling that they have reached the "glass ceiling". Employees are working, yet there is no growth, management lack time, competition became noticeable, improvement efforts do not bring the necessary results.  There comes the time when the company should move to a new level, change old methods of work, restructure the company.


In Spark Research Labs we use system approach towards company restructuring and performance improvement. This approach enables identification of system constraints, that do not permit the company to increase their profits. Changes are being made at different levels of organizational structure, from top management to shop floor employee. While working in restructuring projects we use an iterative approach and are guided by the principle "Each improvement should be profitable for our client".

our key deliverables

Elaboration of job descriptions
Documenting and engeneering of processes
Employee development plan
Development of KPI system
Change of organizationa struture
Rules of interaction between departments
Process optimization
Motivation systems
Training of personell new ways of work
Automatization of operations
Policy elaboration
Change of business model

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