"Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all."
- Peter Drucker


Any company that has as a goal to obtain profit is striving to deliver value to clients. Unfortunately, too many companies do not notice how this value is being delivered. Undefined processes and inefficient operations inevitably lead to delays in delivery, stressful work, poor quality of products and services, increase of costs and thin profit margin. The product is not a thing; client appreciates the experience that he receives while purchasing. Companies that think sustainably should have efficient and effective operations and processes, through which they deliver value to the client.


While improving client’s operations we use a set of methodologies, that permit identification of constraints in the value chain of a company. This approach enables us to select proper tools and build internal capacities that on one hand offer quick results and on another hand, will ensure the creation of the culture of continuous improvement. Return on investment is the main goal for our operations improvement projects.

our key deliverables

Setting up production planning system
Quality assurance system
Line balancing
Operations improvement
Process management
Employee skill improvement systems
Single-Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED), Single Minute Information Retrieval (SMIR)
Performance management
Waste elimination in production and services
Setting up equipment maintenance systems
System of continuous improvement
Team work regulations
Elaboration of service delivery
Standard operating procedures
Elaboration of rules of interaction among departments

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