DreamUps Innovation Campus is a community of young people that promote innovative ideas and support start-ups in Republic of Moldova, thus creating correct, competitive and sustainable business environment.

Our contribution:

A crash course of Lean management principles was elaborated and delivered to residents of DreamUps Innovation Campus by Spark Research Labs team of consultants.

Bizzland is the conference dedicated to JCI members, young leaders, entrepreneurs and active citizens from Republic of Moldova, the essence of the conference is to share valuable information within domains of personal development and business.

Our contribution:

Financial management is an essential element for effective decision making in business. This aspect of management was in the center of the workshop held by Spark Research Labs consultants within the conference.

Bizpower—the biggest business event in the Republic of Moldova in 2014. More than 50 speakers and 700 delegates attended the event. The aim of Bizpower conference was sharing valuable knowledge through discussion of relevant topics in the business domain.

Our contribution:

Process management, identification of system constraints and techniques of effective improvements, were topics presented by the consultants from Spark Research labs to 200+ delegates at the workshop during the event.

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