"Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion."
– W. Edwards Deming


In any company, any process generates data, yet management argues about the lack of proper decision-making foundation. While conducting diagnostics we often see the capacity of generating money by businesses is constrained by management’s paradigms and untested assumptions. Lack of skills related to the gathering of data and extraction of knowledge can be considered a root cause of unjustified management decisions in modern market conditions.


We believe that extraction of knowledge from data is an iterative process, thus the balance should be obtained between the complexity of framework how analysis is made and the ability of company’s resources to react efficiently to knowledge obtained. In our approach, we combine purely technical analysis with the development of company’s internal capacities and assisting management in decision making.

our key deliverables

Data collection processes
Knowledge extraction out of data
Conclusions related to knowledge obtained
Data analysis
Recommendations related to improvements of client’s internal capacities
Strategy adjustment

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