SPARK Research Labs is a regional research and consulting firm that develops solutions for clients from private, public and non-for-profit sectors. We are applying in-depth knowledge, looking for a deep understanding of the root causes and deliver inclusive solutions for each client.

We integrate our consulting insights, IT tools and hands-on support into the client’s system at all levels thus ensuring concrete results and clients’ long-term, continuous improvement. We develop ourselves together with our clients and build lasting relationships with them.

We connect with our partners in social and business projects contributing to the sustainable development of the society.


Magenta Consulting provides one of the best research and marketing consulting solutions on the regional market. We are very happy to partner with them for our clients.

TEKEDU provides the best ICT learning experiences for youth. Their visionary programs challenge the NGO environment to rethink the models of social change and extrasectorial collaboration.

MEGA is the organization that proofs to us that global change is made locally. They remind us that the concern about the environment and climate change should be relevant for every human and enterprise.


Personal engagement


Constructive feedback
Lack of hypocrisy
Open mindedness


Experience exchange
Profound knowledge
Clarity of working process


Quality at the source


 Thinking BIG
Ethical cooperation
Community development
Long-term partnership


We believe that through our support for local NGOs we raise awareness to authentic issues and bring a positive impact to our society

In modern world IT knowledge becomes a requirement. ICT sector though is one of most progressive gender equality remains the challenge even in it. Spark Research Labs contributed to the development of curriculum and provided a series of soft skills and highly technical training courses in ICT domain for 36 girls from the rural area of Republic of Moldova. Spark Research Labs continues support of further development of GirlGoIT project.

Spark Research Labs facilitated the strategic planning process among 50+ representatives of ICT industry stakeholders hosted by TEKEDU and UN Woman. We believe that proper goal alignment at the system level will bring synergy in the development of strategy to enhance young women’s capacity in science, technology, employment, entrepreneurship and equality.

At Spark Research labs, we believe that great things often begin just from one spark – an idea that lights up the inspiration of an acquisitive mind. We supported TEDx Chisinau because we think that events’ like that have those sparks that inspire many people, they have “ideas worth spreading”.

Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA) represents an innovative solution to the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues. We support mega MEGA and thank them for bringing awareness of environmental problems and contributing to proper development of young MEGA generations.

Hackathon is a great form of challenge for young professionals for testing their craftsmanship, concentration, perseverance and teamwork. Spark Labs provided financial support for BEST Creative Lab, organized by BEST Chisinau. We thank them for raising the confidence in young professionals.

JCI Moldova is part of an international network - Junior Chamber International (JCI), a nonprofit organization of young active citizens age 18 to 40 who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities, with more than 200,000 worldwide. We encourage the development of young active citizens that will bring a positive impact into our society.